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Our website uses cookies and so called HTML5 storage objects including third-party cookies, which are placed on the hard drive of your device. Furthermore, our website shares certain data which your browser provides to us automatically when you visit our website with third parties. Our website respects the extent of your consent given via the cookie-banner, which is displayed when visiting our website. Cookies and storage objects are small files that provide certain information to us and/or third parties. Cookies and storage objects and the above mentioned data transfer serve the purpose to make our website service function more user friendly and more effective and contribute to tailor the website operations to your needs, to analyze website usage, and serve additional purposes.

I. Types of Cookies Used

  1. Our website uses transient cookies, which will be deleted once you close your browser. The so-called session-cookies, which fall in the category of transient cookies, enable our website to identify different requests from your browser during the same session. Your device can be recognized once you return onto our website. Session-cookies will be deleted once you log out of your customer account with our website and/or close your browser.
  2. Our website uses persistent cookies. Persistent cookies expire or get automatically deleted after a set period; the duration differs depending on the specific cookie.
  3. Our website uses cookies to identify you on future visits if you registered a customer account with us. Otherwise you would have to log-in again every time you visit our website.
  4. Our website uses so-called HTML5 Storage Objects, that are saved on your device. These objects store data independently from your browser and have no preset expiry/deletion date.

II. Categories of Cookies Used

We differentiate between cookies that are necessary for the website’s technical features and optional cookies. To enable you to select the data protection settings for your visits to our website via the cookie-banner, which is displayed when visiting our website, we provide the option to reject the use of cookies which do not fall under the Operational Necessity category. You can choose to accept or reject cookies in the Statistics and Performance and Marketing and Personalization categories by clicking the corresponding button on the homepage cookie banner. 

  1. Operational Necessity Category

    • The cookies in the operational necessity category are necessary for the operation of the website and to manage our corporate commercial objectives. Furthermore, these cookies allow us to recognize whether you wish to remain logged in to your profile so that we can provide our services to you more quickly on your next visit to our website. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions.
    • Cookies of this category expire after 10 years at the latest.
  1. Statistics and Performance Category

    • We collect anonymized data by cookies in the statistics and performance category for statistics and analysis so that we can continue to improve our offering and website. E.g., these cookies allow us to determine visitor numbers and the effect of certain pages of our website and to optimize our content.
    • Cookies of this category expire after 2 hours at the latest.
  1. Marketing and Personalization Category

    • The cookies in the marketing and personalization category are used to display to you personalized advertising and other content in line with your interests. E.g., we are able to present products to you that are especially relevant to you.
    • Furthermore, if you consent to this category, you also consent to the transfer of certain information to Facebook via the Facebook Pixel used by our website. Please refer to the section "Facebook Pixel/Facebook Custom Audiences" in our Privacy Policy for further information.
    • Cookies of this category expire after 2 years at the latest.

III. How to Identify, Delete, and/or Reject Cookies by Using Your Browser Settings

  1. For a comprehensive and up-to-date summary of every cookie and third-party accessing your web browser (through our website or otherwise), we recommend installing a web browser plugin built for this purpose or made available for viewing through your browser’s developer tools. Each browser is slightly different so we would recommend leveraging your browser’s help menu to learn more.
  2. You may always delete cookies manually by the settings of your browser. You may also change the settings of your browser according to your preferences, i.e. to reject third-party cookies or all cookies. In this case you might not be able to use all functions of our website.
  3. Whether HTML5 Storage Objects will be deleted when you manually delete cookies by using the settings of your browser, depends on your browser and its version. Usually you are able to avoid HTML5 Storage Objects to be saved onto your device by disabling cookies in your browser settings and/or using “private mode.”
  4. We recommend cleaning up your browser history and cookies manually on a regular basis.

You can view or adjust your cookie preferences for this site anytime through the Cookie Settings page

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